Cold Drawn Wire / Wire Rod

Cold Drawn Wire / Wire Rod

Product Details:

  • Material Grade
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Shapes
  • Process
  • Special Features
  • Application
  • Minimum order quantity
  • MS Series and EN Series (customizable)
  • 2 mm - 12 mm
  • As per requirement
  • Round
  • Cold Drawn and Ground Bar
  • Carbon Free, Bends Easily, No Surface Cracks, Easy Machining
  • Household Items, Textile Industry, Springs, Fasteners, etc
  • As per requirement

M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar produces wires through a variety of manufacturing processes, including cold drawn and ground bar. They are created using quality-tested raw material and are currently being used in manufacturing materials and industrial areas.

Owing to a diameter ranging between 2 mm and 12 mm, these cold drawn wires provide very high dimensional tolerance and technical strength. They are available in a variety of material grades, including MS and EN Series. The wires come with a bright and smooth finish and are completely free of carbon, thereby ensuring longevity.

Cold drawn wires manufactured by M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar come with zero surface cracks, which makes them ideal for all machining purposes. They are rust-free and can bend easily for a variety of uses and applications.
The wire rods can be manufactured according to the bespoke requirements of customers. Material grade, dimension, and length can be customized to create an end-product, which is delivered within a specific time frame. The wire rods can also be delivered in coiled or straightened form or cut into different lengths according to requirements.
Depending on their overall thickness, both cold drawn and ground bar wires have numerous uses. They can be found in electrical cords, vaping devices, jewelry, and more. In fact, most household items make some use of these drawn wires. They are regularly used to make springs as well as fasteners and are one of the primary raw materials in textile industries.
M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar is a company that uses a fully-automated wire drawing process, which enables them to manufacture high-quality wire rods. Owing to this, the end-product is uniform with a very high tolerance level. These wires can be created using different processes, material grades, and can be made available within a specific time frame.