Bright Bars

Bright Bars

Product Details:

  • Material Grade
  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Surface Finish
  • Tolerance
  • Shapes
  • Special Features
  • Application
  • Minimum order quantity
  • All MS, EN Series, and all other grades as per requirements
  • Up to 6 meters
  • 8 mm - 44 mm (customizable)
  • Cold Drawn, Centerless Ground Bar, or as specified by the customer
  • H9, H10, H11, H12, or Close tolerance of +0.00 to - 0.10
  • Round, square, flat, half-round, and hexagonal (customizable)
  • Defect-free surface, high tensile strength, and dimensional accuracy
  • Manufacturing, Textile, Auto Industries, and more
  • 500 kilograms

These superior quality bright bars are manufactured by M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar, which provides purchasers with several customization options, including multiple shapes, sizes, finishes, lengths, and dimensions. Considering the variety available, these bright bars are suitable for most machining and structural applications.

They are manufactured through a cold drawing process, which gives them a superior finish, higher machinability, dimensional accuracy, and improved mechanical properties. These bright bars can be manufactured to bespoke customer requirements and can be made readily available in round, half-round, hexagonal, square, flat and other such profiles. They can also be manufactured using different material grades like MS Series, EN Series, Low Carbon, High Carbon, or any other iron and steel series specified by customers.

The bright bars manufactured by M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar come in a total length of up to 6 meters, while the diameter ranges between 8 mm and 44 mm. The length and diameter can be customized according to customer preferences. Owing to the cold drawn manufacturing process, these bright bars have a close tolerance of +0.00 to - 0.10.

With numerous benefits, these cold drawn bright bars rank higher than hot rolled bars. The manufacturing process leads to better stability, high-grade end product, and improved mechanical and chemical properties.
Cold drawing increases hardness and tensile strength, thereby reducing the overall weight of the bright bar. The process also increases fatigue strength, provides better cross-sectional uniformity, and better protection against wear and corrosion.
Cold drawn right bars, especially the ones made of steel, are not only rust-free but offer a defect-free polished surface. Their overall strength and reduced ductility offer a positive impact on machine performance by reducing wear on parts and lubricant contamination.
Cold drawn bright bars improve manual handling while eliminating decarburization, which is a surface-degradation where steel is depleted of essential carbon.
Owing to their superior quality, these bright bars have applications in numerous industries, including manufacturing factories, oil and petroleum sector mining, arms and defence manufacturing, hinges and gears, material handling and storage, food processing industry, health and sports equipment, hoses and fittings, auto industry, medical equipment and more.
M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar is a manufacturing company that uses high-quality raw material and the latest technology to produce superior-quality bright bars. The organization ensures that the products created are in accordance with the industry norms and remain durable for long periods of time. All manufactured products go through rigorous tests based on different parameters to detect defects, if any.
M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar is known for producing custom-made bright bars according to the specified size, tolerance, finish, and desired hardness, while keeping in mind the use-case of each bright bar. Bright bars manufactured by the organization are readily available for a minimum order quantity of 500 kg.