Cold Drawn Pipes

Cold Drawn Pipes

Product Details:

  • Material Grade
  • Diameter
  • Thickness
  • Type
  • Process
  • Special Features
  • Application
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Iron, MS Series and EN Series (customizable)
  • 8 mm - 100 mm
  • 1 mm - 8 mm
  • Seamless Tubes, Cast Iron Pipes, ERW and more
  • Cold Drawing
  • Close Tolerance
  • Industrial Equipment, Medical Industry, Automotive Industry etc.
  • As per requirement

These cold drawn pipes come with a superior finish and micro-structure uniformity. They are manufactured via a cold drawing process, which gives them numerous technical features and capabilities, making them suitable for boilers, hydraulic circuits, and high-pressure gas lines

M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar provides tubes in a variety of material grades, including Iron, Mild Steel, and other EN Series. They have a very high tolerance level and come with a diameter ranging between 8 mm to 100 mm. These bars have well-defined corners and offer enhanced machinability.

Cold drawn pipes manufactured by M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar offer high performance at a reasonable price. Owing to their uniform dimensional accuracy, they have a very tight tolerance complemented by a smooth finish. These energy-efficient bars are resistant to corrosion and offer high strength to weight ratio.
Available in a variety of material grades, thickness, and sizes, these tubes can be custom-made according to specific requirements. However, the thickness of the pipe will vary depending on the type of material grade used.
High-precision cold drawn tubes find use in hydraulic machinery like excavators, forklifts, bulldozers, etc. Owing to their high tolerance level, these pipes are ideal for pumping petroleum and lifting machinery. They are also used in the Defence Industry, Medical Industry, and Automotive Industry.
M/S Jeetmal Murlidhar is a pioneer in the process of cold drawing and manufactures pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their quality-tested tubes are suitable for all industries and are resistant to corrosion. They offer numerous customization options while ensuring that the product created is suitable for its final use-case.